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4,000+ hours of Russian and 400+ of Mandarin: A Very Late 2 Year Update

I am (to put it mildly) against Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Skip my blog if you feel like getting into an argument with me about it--I am just going to ignore you. I encourage you to donate to organizations supporting the people affected by the war. DirectRelief is providing medical aid to both refugees and people still in Ukraine . The Center for Disaster Philanthropy is focused on providing access to basic needs in the medium and long-term for those affected . Contents Intro Hi! I’m Attenius (or 啊天ъ), a native English speaker from the US learning Russian and Mandarin. It's been a while since my 2 years of Russian immersion learning post was supposed to go out and I was supposed to switch to Mandarin as my primary focus, but a cool opportunity came up, so I decided to shift my plans back a bit. I switched to immersion methods around July 2020. I'm roughly following the plans and advice given at . If you're not familiar wit