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Learning Russian with Immersion Methods: 12 Months Update

Hi! I’m Attenius, a native English speaker from the US learning Russian. I switched to immersion methods around early in July 2020, and it's been almost a year! I'm roughly following the plans and advice given at . If you're not familiar with me or Refold, you might want to check out my 6 months update and 9 months update . For those who aren't familiar with Refold but don't want to read the old posts, I've copied a summary below. To those language learners coming to this post from outside the immersion learning community, I also want to say that I'm not really here to defend Krashen or Refold as word of God, but I think their ideas have been very useful for my goals. I definitely don't think you need to be putting in as many hours a week as me to make good progress with immersion learning, and I don't think you need immersion learning to be able to use a language to travel or communicate basic ideas. I'm just past school a