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15 Months of Learning Russian with Immersion Methods: Reckoning

  Hi! I’m Attenius, a native English speaker from the US learning Russian. I switched to immersion methods around early in July 2020. I'm roughly following the plans and advice given at . If you're not familiar with me or Refold, you might want to check out my earlier updates . I'm trying to keep this one brief. Numbers Here are my summary stats for January through September. I had a bug in my sheet so the numbers might look slightly different from my last post. Not shown: shadowing and writing, which I've only done a few hours of. Sum/Mean, in hours except for total time spent in Anki and cards made . The "Total" at the bottom is Reading + Listening + 0.33 * Passive + Anki + 0.75 * Cards [with the actual input numbers in minutes]. Events No massive jumps in ability, in fact I feel my gaps more and more. Anime dubs and streams feel a bit easier, the news and movies seem still just as hard. Over the course of watching many many hours