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Learning Russian with Immersion Methods: 6 Months Update

Hi! I’m Attenius, I’m a native English speaker from the US learning Russian. I switched to immersion methods around the start of July 2020. This is my first update on how that's going, so it's also my longest and ugliest. Hopefully I'll have some pretty graphs from my new immersion tracker to include in the future. Motivations My two best friends from high school are Russian speakers. One’s a native Russian and the other learned out of personal interest and for career opportunities. Being able to share things together in Russian makes me feel closer to them. I still remember walking around the neighborhood with my Russian friend ten years ago pointing at things and asking "что такое X?"   While working on a setting based on the Mongol Empire for a tabletop roleplaying game, I took a renewed interest in the history and folklore of Asia and Eastern Europe. I hope to add additional authenticity to my settings and share them and collaborate with native speakers of Rus