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My favorite resources and content for learning Russian

Here I'm listing some of my favorite YouTube channels and other resources, just so they're all in one place. As I find more stuff I like, I'll add it here.  I don't get any compensation from any of these recommendations. Resources Attenius's Immersion Tracker Template -  cleaned up version of my immersion time/reading tracking sheet on Google Sheets which I've used to great success for 18 months. RuTracker -  so much content there that it's motivation to learn Russian on its own. Some non-pirated content is also only available there, such as some fan-made audiobooks I've listened to. Refold - a free guide on how to get actually good at a foreign language. The Patreon linked there is just for a couple of vocab decks and Matt's Q&As, you absolutely do not need to subscribe to it. The guide and Discord communities are free, and anyone that wants to get fluent should find them very useful. Anki - it's intimidating and not that fun, but