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21 Months of Russian Immersion + Mandarin Month 1ish

Content warning  I am (to put it mildly) against Russia's invasion of Ukraine. I'm going to be talking about things related to the war and other unpleasant events freely throughout this post. Please skip this post if you're not up for reading about that stuff. Also skip this post if you feel like getting into an argument with me about it--I am just going to ignore you. I encourage you to donate to organizations supporting the people affected by the war. DirectRelief is providing medical aid to both refugees and people still in Ukraine . The Center for Disaster Philanthropy is focused on providing access to basic needs in the medium and long-term for those affected . Intro Hi! I’m Attenius, a native English speaker from the US learning Russian and Mandarin. I switched to immersion methods around July 2020. I'm roughly following the plans and advice given at . If you're not familiar with me or Refold, you might want to check out my earlier upda