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Learning Russian with Immersion Methods: 9 Months Update

Hi! I’m Attenius, a native English speaker from the US learning Russian. I switched to immersion methods around the start of July 2020. I'm more or less following the plans and advice given at . You can read a little more about the method and my background in my 6 months update . I'm making a vain effort to be brief on what I've been feeling and doing for the last three months. At 12 months I expect I might do something more extensive, as I hope to be in Stage 3 of Refold (learning to output) at that time. Stuff I've done for the last 3 months Since January 1 I decided to start tracking my studies using a Google sheet I've been tweaking as I go. The primary tab looks like this. I've been occasionally writing down how I feel and noting most of the longer things I finish in the notes column, just to have something to feel accomplished about when I look back through it. Otherwise I just track time spent by timing myself while reading or by roun