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18 Months of Learning Russian with Immersion Methods: Rebound

Hi! I’m Attenius, a native English speaker from the US learning Russian. I switched to immersion methods around early in July 2020. I'm roughly following the plans and advice given at . If you're not familiar with me or Refold, you might want to check out my earlier updates , although I didn't make any effort to be brief on this one, and I've copied my summary of the Refold methodology below: Refold About a month into my pandemic studies, I kept seeing Matt vs. Japan in my YouTube recommendations while watching Russian With Max's videos. “Who’s this self-important weeb who thinks he knows so much about language learning?” was a frequent thought I had. After watching a few of his videos, I found that a lot of his points made sense, and I began to follow Refold , a guide to learning languages through consuming media which Matt co-created. You can read more on the Refold website at , but two core assumptions of the methodo